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Center For Siouxland's Certified Consumer Credit Counselors offer a range of financial literacy workshops. We use well-established curriculum that are top standards for the industry. We also can create customized seminars to meet the individual needs of schools, area employers, and others.

Credit When Credit is Due

Registration is required. Please contact our office for more information.

This workshop is based on the book Credit When Credit is Due by Paul Strassels. This nationally recognized program is approximately 3 hours in length. Graduates can indicate on their credit report that they've completed financial literacy program.

Topics include:

  • The Facts of Life
  • Living on the Edge
  • To Borrow or Not to Borro
  • So You Have Decided to Borrow Some Money
  • The Terms of the Deal
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Building and Rebuilding Your Credit
  • Credit Cards and Other Loans
  • You've Got Trouble When You Fall Behind
  • Predatory Lending Practices




Pre-purchase Workshop Courses are scheduled on a Friday once a month January through November.  The class is taught by a certified housing counselor and is sponsored by Central Bank.

2018 Pre-purchase Workshop Dates are: 

1/26/18      7/27/18

2/16/18      8/31/18

3/23/18      9/21/18

4/20/18    10/19/18

5/18/18    11/30/18


All courses are held at Center For Siouxland, 715 Douglas Street, Sioux City, Iowa.  Class times run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Registration is required. Please contact Hilda at our office 712-252-1861 ext. 47 for more information.  Please register at least one week in advance.

The Pre-Purchase Group Education class prepares first time homebuyers for the process of buying a home and to avoid possible pit-falls. We utilize the guide Homebuyer Education and Learning Program, created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Topics include:

  • Budgeting for your Home Purchase
  • How to Manage Debt
  • Credit Reports & your Credit History
  • Predatory Lending practices
  • Fair Housing Laws
  • Advantages and Disadvantages to Homeownership
  • Pre-qualifying/Pre-approval
  • Shopping for Your Loan
  • Shopping for Your Home
  • Selecting a Real Estate Agent
  • Negotiating Offers
  • Types of Homes
  • Home Appraiser/Home Inspector
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Down Payments
  • Closing Process & Paperwork
  • Aftercare of Home


The following workshops are offered to area businesses for their employees:


We go on-site for employers to provide financial education to their employees. Financial education seminars can be customized to fit the needs of your employees and flexible scheduling allows education to occur during lunch hours, between shifts, and at employee benefit fairs.

Stress from personal money problems can spill over into the workplace. Research indicates that one-third of US workers believe their finances have hampered their job performance. Of these employees, nearly half spend at least seven work hours a week dealing with their personal money matters.

Some common signs that an employee is financially distressed include:

  • • Absenteeism
  • • Verbal or physical confrontations in the workplace
  • • Garnishments or wage advancements
  • • Low participation in 401(k) and other retirement plans
  • • Borrowing against retirement plans


This workshop is designed for individuals and couples who have had a sudden change in their income. This workshop covers topics such as: shopping for credit, what to do if you cannot pay your bills, budgeting, and credit reports.


This workshop includes the basics of budgeting, credit, managing debt, and credit reports. This workshop also includes activities designed for High School students to help them understand the importance and dangers of credit and budgeting.

Predatory Lending

This workshop outlines predatory lending practices and how to not fall prey to predatory lenders. Topics covered include: consolidation loans, mortgage loans, rent to own services, pay day loans, credit cards, and title loans. 

If you need a program on a specific topic, call us and we can create a specialized workshop. 

Western Iowa Tech Lifelong Learning Courses

Center For Siouxland Consumer Credit Counselors present these Lifelong Learning Classes at Western Iowa Tech:

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and can happen to anyone.  But you can take steps to reduce your chances of having your identity stolen and better protect yourself in the future.  Through this class, you will learn tips to keep your information secure as well as what to do if you find that your information has been stolen.  Class is held at Western Iowa Tech on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 10:30 a.m. to Noon.  There is NO FEE and Lifelong Learning membership is not required.

Budgeting Basics

Creating a budget can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have limited monthly income.  But it doesn't have to be.  This interactive class will discuss the importance of having a budget and knowing how to create and adjust your budget.  We will walk you through the steps of creating your very own, personal budget.  Class is held at Western Iowa Tech on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 10:30 a.m. to Noon.  There is NO FEE and Lifelong Learning membership is not required.

To register, call 712-274-6404 or see for more information.  Questions?  Contact Mara Hall at 712-274-8733 ext. 1864.

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